The Sprouting Horn

Thor's well Oregon 

The Devil’s Churn is a long crack in the coastal rock that fills with each ocean wave, occasionally exploding as incoming and outgoing waves collide. The Spouting Horn at Cook’s Chasm and the Thor’s Well on the plateau nearby are both a salt water fountain driven by the power of the ocean tide. Devil’s Churn, Spouting Horn and Thor’s Well are popular with visitors; however, all three are dangerous especially at high tide and during winter storms.

This natural dramatic phenomenon is at its best when it’s the most dangerous to watch – at high tide or during winter storms.

3 thoughts on “The Sprouting Horn

  1. Impressive !
    You’ve excited my curiosity. Would you mind precising in which coastal crack the devil chose to churn so enthusiastically? ;)))
    With a name like Thor’s Well, perhaps somewhere in Scandinavia?

    Happy summer!


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