The Atlantic Road in Norway!!

I know the pictures look too unreal to be true!! But this the Atlantic Road in Norawy, which zigzags across low bridges that jut out over the sea. It  is an 8-kilometre long stretch of road between the towns of Kristiansund and Molde. The Atlantic Road has been awarded the status national tourist route because of the architecture of the road and the bridges, and the incredible coastline it passes through. It is reccomended to visit this place during stormy season as it is most dramatic during that time. It is a good place to visit during calm season also, as there is a good possibility that you might spot whales and seals at this splace. Its definitely in my ‘to do’ list to ride through this amazing place!

101 thoughts on “The Atlantic Road in Norway!!

  1. Epic awesomeness! Man,it looks like the bridge was torn and warped up,by an earthquake but still intact. Following your blog!

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    • Yea! They do look amazing, but its not my work. I couldn’t find who clicked them either. But i would love to visit this place someday to capture the beauty with my own eyes.

  3. WOW … amazing pictures!!!! Am going to Norway next year and will have to make a trek out to see this stretch of highway for myself! Thanks for sharing.

    • But thats ok! I’ve heard that Australia is an awesome place to live at.. I have a huge list of places to visit in Australia if I ever get the chance 😀

  4. OMG, I thought you digitally altered the photos for effect. These are how they ARE?! Excellent capture, then. Really sort of like a Salvadore Dali image!

  5. impressive post.thank you for liking my new post.l hope you will keep in touch,Best regards.jalal

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