Green roofs of Norway!


I stumbled upon some information that raised my interest in visiting Norway! These awesome plant growing roofs are seen on the remote inlands. The concept of ‘turf roof’ came into existence hundreds of years ago and it used to be a common sight those times. It has become less common nowadays but I have read that since 2000, an award is given to the best green roof project in Scandinavia by the board of the Scandinavian Green Roof Association to promote this concept. There are different kinds of turf roofs, some velvety green, some golden yellow and some extremely colourful with flowers grown on them. I find this to be a very beautiful and unique way of going green!!

16 thoughts on “Green roofs of Norway!

  1. Hello I am writing a thesis paper on vernacular architecture which has the capability of being published and I was wondering if I could use one of you pictures in my paper and of course it will have your credits footnoted

  2. Nice blog and cool pictures. My husband is from Norway and your photos brought so many nice memories:) Norway is an amazing country, I miss it a lot…
    Thanks for liking my blog.


    • Not at all.. it was my pleasure..

      I have been reading a bit about Norway and it is definitely in my bucket list to visit the place! You are so lucky that your husband is from this wonderful place 😀

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