Love Honey

Pure Honey

Honey never goes bad!!

Honey is a miracle food; it never goes bad!!  I read an article yesterday that says that archaeologists have tasted honey more than 2000 years old in Egyptian Tombs and it tasted great!! I found it very surprising that bacteria cannot grow in honey because bacteria loves sugar. It is because of the unique chemical composition of low water content and relatively high acidic level in honey creates a low pH (3.2-4.5) environment that makes it very unfavourable for bacteria or other micro-organism to grow.

It is believed that honey history dated as far back as 10 to 20 million years ago and the practice of beekeeping to produce honey, apiculture, dates back to at least 700 BC. In ancient times, Eygptians sacrificed honey by the tons to their river gods, Roman legions slathered honey on the wounds as a natural cure to promote healing, and medieval lords reserved honey for their private use. It’s told that the body of Alexander the Great was preserved and embalmed with honey. As honey was then expensive and not all could afford it, its use in cooking was reserved only for the wealthy. And ancient myths and writings on alcoholic beverages throughout the world also contain references to mead, or honey wine, which is known as the world’s oldest fermented berverage.

16 thoughts on “Love Honey

  1. i love honey, and always use fresh local if possible. it is a natural decongestant and if local, especially, does wonders for seasonal sinus problems. one caveat, though, never give it to infants or young children, because it contains clostridium botulinum, which can cause botulism. great post!

  2. Just wanted to share this, it’s a conversation (of sorts) between a Honey-Bee & a Human Being

    H-Bee: Doesn’t it bother you that you work so hard and we “human beings” steal your honey?
    H-Being: No, it doesn’t. They may steal the honey but they can never steal the art of making honey 🙂

  3. This is so weird because my mother and my nephew had this big discussion recently where she tried to tell him honey didn’t go off and he wouldn’t beleive her…he did go and do research and later apologized to her. Amazing to consider it can’t go off.

    • hehe.. yep! i was pretty surprised when i found out about this too.. honey being a natural food, its pretty incredible that it can’t go bad!

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