Warning: Chocolates can kill your Dog!


Dogs can have a fatal reaction to eating chocolate. Chocolate contains a bitter alkaloid called Theobromine also known as Xantheose and that’s the active ingredient that’s bad for the dog.

Most of the dog owners are unaware of this information.  I learnt last week that my friend lost her dog coz she had been treating her dog with chocolates.. There could be more pet lovers who may not understand the seriousness of this poisonous reaction of chocolates on dogs. I request all my dear friends to pass this along.

Photo source: www.caminodesantiago.me


9 thoughts on “Warning: Chocolates can kill your Dog!

  1. Must remember to carry some chocolate next time I’m in Romania, though the street dogs were a lot more passive this year than previously. Maybe it’s because it seems they’re being fed.

  2. So true. I use to pinch off a peace of my chocolate cup cake which did not have icing on it. He developed digesting problems which I think the vet had very little clue to help in the solving of this issue- but I’m sure the chocolate in the cup cake, daily treat didn’t help. Searching online I found out sweet potatoes, we call camote here, was used as an ingredient in dog foods. Well, he is doing great now, eating camote and fish, both staples for some here in the Philippines. I eat a portion of sweet potatoes most every day, and drink camote tea, boiling the fresh leaves. You already know what I think of camote/sweet potatoes. 😉

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