HIstory & Evolution of Time..

interesting facts about time

The Sumerians of Mesopotamia, who is thought to have invented writing in the 4th century BC, based their numerical system on powers of 60 (instead of 100) subdivided into multiples of 10. It was from this system that Sumero-Babylonians developed the time system that we use today: each hour divided into 60 minutes, which are divided into 60 seconds.

In olden days time was told mostly by sundials and the first mechanical clock is thought to have been designed by an Italian monk around 1275. The clock was driven by the slow pull of a falling weight, basically like a very big hour hand.

Dating from about 1386, Salisbury Cathedral Clock is claimed to be the oldest working clock in the world. Like all clocks of that time it has no face but strikes the hour on a bell.

First clock invented

Today, the International Atomic Time, kept by 300 atomic clocks around the world, keeps earth’s time to within microseconds of accuracy of solar time. However, since the rotation of earth is slightly irregular and slowing down slowly, a leap second has to be added occasionally, giving us the world standard time known as Coordinated Universal Time (UTC).

If all of the above article gave you panic or anxiety, you probably suffer from chronophobia, the phobia of time!


11 thoughts on “HIstory & Evolution of Time..

  1. Hope you do – the Clock, the Cathderal, Sailsbury, it’s all just beautiful – we went to a candlelit concert once and the inside just glowed … and sometimes in certain weather conditions in the evening you see the shadow of the Cathedral spire in the sky πŸ™‚

  2. You made a mistake about the date for writing. I think you meant to say millenium, not century. The evolution of our concept of time is an interesting subject. Each technological advance brought about a change in human behavior – mostly a ratcheting up of the anxiety index. The whole idea of productivity, efficiency is a modern one. Not to mention wasting time. OOps time to sign off….

    • Is it wrong? It says 4th Century BC.. That is about 2400 years ago.. I’ve read in a couple of books that it was the time when writing might have been invented.. Do correct me if I am wrong : )
      You are absolutely right.. The concept of time changes along with the evolution of man. Like you said in modern times, time is becoming more related with productivity and efficiency than just knowing what time of the day it is. πŸ˜€

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