Mother and Child- Life saving bonds

Here is a really interesting fact that I learned today.. When a pregnant woman suffers organ damage such as a heart attack, the fetus sends stem cells to the damaged organ to help repair it.
The same thing seems to hold true for other organs. When pregnant women have damage in other organs, including the brain, lung, and liver, earlier studies have shown, fetal cells show up there, too.

Read more about it:



17 thoughts on “Mother and Child- Life saving bonds

  1. That’s amazing! I know of a young girl who discovered her breast cancer about the same time I did, but she was 4 months pregnant. She waited until after the baby was born and they said something about it not being as bad as they expected. Very cool post, Thanks..

    • Thank you for that link..that was truly an inspiring post! It is so amazing that you and your baby are fighting together to be with each other. I’m sure everything is gonna turn out great and you’ll give birth to an adorable healthy baby : )

  2. Excellent post – the more cutting edge scientific research is encouraged to understandable in the mainstream the better – keep it up!

  3. I heard that they actually found these cells in the mothers decades later. They acted the same way even then. I have four grown children, and it made me cry to think a part of them was still in me, and that they would try to protect me if I was hurt.

    Thanks for stopping by my post. I’m enjoying browsing your blog.

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